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Friday Dec.3.2021

Host: Theresa Bowe
Special Guest: Vivica Fox

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Meet our Guest

Put yourself in a room full of driven progressive business professionals.

Join business builder, Theresa Bowe, Actress Vivica A. Fox, Advocate Drea Kelly and more….. as they bring the tools, connections and education needed to soar as an entrepreneur to Kansas City

Sydni Paige

Sydni Paige

Vivica A fox

vivica A fox

Drea Kelly

Drea Kelly

Jennifer Duckworth

Jennifer Duckworth

Elaina Paige

Theresa Bowe

Theresa Bowe


SUCCESS starts with 3 things…
CONNECTING Learn the importance of finding others to build with and understanding you can not do it alone. Thrive in an environment full of like minded business professionals that are all looking to grow and scale their businesses.

EDUCATING Learn from others with experience, who are willing to give advice. tools. and solutions to help you grow, Gaining education also helps prevent costly mistakes and often promotes dedication and consistency in our own endeavors.

INSPIRING Sometimes all we need is that push, or a personal connection through someone else’s journey that’s relatable. Meeting others who have overcome obstacles and still found success is often what we need to propel our own personal growth

Do you want to WIN on purpose?

Winning takes action, not just words. Heels and Motivation is an evening of networking and connecting to promote growth, business opportunities and foster relationships.

powered by Theresa Bowe

december 3rd

Main Street Theater
1400 Main St
1400 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 64105

WHat to expect

If you have ever experienced a Heels and Motivation event, we all know the attendees leave inspired and fired up ready to win as well as walk with a purpose. Lock in and learn from speakers and panelists secrets to success as well as how to overcome adversity. We are committed to touching every guest attendee is some form or fashion.

A chance to gain exposure for your business

An opportunity to obtain resources to start or scale your business

Who is this event for?

Go-getters who won’t stop until they are at a desired level of success.

Entrepreneurs who are looking to scale and propel their businesses.

Visionaries who like to get in front of what’s happening because they see a bigger picture

Aspiring Moguls looking for the connections and resources to say goodbye to their 9-5

Influencers looking to monetize their following
Socialites looking to network with other likeminded driven individuals
Business Owners wanting to gain brand recognition and exposure
Resource Providers wanting to pour into others searching for knowledge and resources

These Are The People, WHo Had Already Attended

Attending Heels and Motivation Atlanta allowed me to find my purpose and realize I too, could empower others. Because of the connections acquired this evening I had my first event in which Theresa Bowe attended and supported, alongside Yandy Smith-Harris.

Rasheema Caldwell
After years of dealing with my own childhood trauma, it was at this event that I witnessed other strong women go through what was holding me down but came out strong. After this event I opened up and am now healing and letting my past go. I too have been able to help others in my position because of the inspiration of the guest speakers and knowledge learned on how to cope.

Diana Willamson
I was having trouble with opening my business due to many obstacles with local licensing barriers and obstacles that I did not foresee stepping into the project. Low and behold I attended Heels and Motivation and acquainted with a few politicians that were able to help me get my business open, through thier personal relationships. I will say this is a great networking opportunity for those looking for new quality relationships.

Jacquiline Ford
I was reluctant to attend this event with my wife, as I assumed Heels and Motivation would be all about women. I was wrong and I left inspired. As a man, I quickly realized that we need motivation, inspiration and opportunities just like this, to peak creativity and also receive that push that’s needed to see more and want more. It was refreshing to see women rally together on a mission and for a cause to help others grow and potentially reach their goals.

Ronald Whitmore